Greehey Children's Cancer Research Institute


The mission of the Greehey CCRI is to advance scientific knowledge relevant to childhood cancer and to accelerate the translation of knowledge into novel therapies. Through discovery, development, and dissemination of scientific knowledge with relevance to childhood cancer, the overarching aim of the
Greehey CCRI is to impact the problem of cancer at all ages.


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Researchers from Greehey CCRI published a paper in OncoTarget that shows the important role of microRNAs in regulating neuroblastoma cell differentiation and points to new therapeutic possibilities. Learn More

Greehey CCRI researchers find that WTAP, a novel oncogenic protein plays important roles in abnormal proliferation and arrested differentiation of leukemia cells Learn More

The CTRC/Greehey CCRI global outreach twinning program in pediatric cancer education and research got a boost by the Kids with Cancer Foundation of Vietnam at the 2013 Gala and Charity Auction, "A Night of a Thousand Dreams" in Ho Chi Minh City on October 5, 2013.
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Doctor of Optometry student's learn to conduct comprehensive pediatric eye exams and to assess for retinoblastoma.
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The UT Health Science Center San Antonio was awarded $1.8 million by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas to fund work ranging from genetic analysis to patient counseling skills in San Antonio, including two grants to Greehey CCRI investigators.
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St. Baldrick’s Foundation awards $50,000 grant to the Health Science Center San Antonio
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Dr. Rebel receives the
CTRC Discovery of the Year Award
from Dr. Thompson.
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New hope for taming triple-negative breast cancer
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The fellowship program in pediatric hematology-oncology was renewed for 5 years and received a special commendation from the American College of Graduate Medical Education. Learn More


Congratulations to Dr. Bishop in receiving the 2015 Presidential Award in Teaching Excellence.

Congratulations to recipients of IIMS/GGCRI pilot awards:

Dr. Alexander Bishop, “Bloom syndrome, chronic stress and cancer”

Dr. Rong Li & Dr. Greg Aune, “BRCA1 and its cofactor in anthracycline cardiotoxicity among pediatric cancer survivors”

Dr. Alex Pertsemlidis & Dr. Liqin Du,, “Elucidating how chromosome 21 protects against neuroblastoma occurrence”

Congratulations to Judy Chang and Nourhan Abdelfattah, our students who are this year's recipients of Greehey Family Foundation fellowships. 

Judy Chang is working with Jaclyn Hung and studying the functional significance of UCHL1 in pediatric gliomas.

Nourhan Abdelfattah is working in Dr. Manjeet Rao's lab and is  studying microRNAs and their effect on resistance to therapy in medulloblastoma.