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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Facility

A new generation of sequencing technologies has delivered on its promise of sequencing DNA at unprecedented speed, thereby enabling impressive scientific achievements and novel biological applications.  

The Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute (Greehey CCRI) Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) facility is equipped with a HiSeq 2000 from Illumina. HiSeq2000 uses reversible terminator-based sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology for generating up to 600Gb of sequences in a single run, representing the industry’s highest sequencing output and fastest data generation rate to date. Steps to obtain sequences are as follow: 1) Library preparation, 2) Hybridize DNA onto glass slides in the cBOT instrument, 3) Sequencing by synthesis with the HiSeq, 4) Image data conversion to sequence on the Analysis server. Major applications using HiSeq 2000 include: DNA sequencing (whole genome de novo sequencing, re-sequencing, exon and target sequencing), transcriptome analysis (RNA seq and small RNA analysis) and ChIP-seq analysis. Using this cutting-edge technology, scientists start to gain significant insights on genome evolution and genetic variation, gene function and regulation, and various aspects of epigenetics and epigenomics.

Our mission is to deploy NGS system focusing on cancer genomics to benefit Greehey CCRI investigators and the entire UT Health Science Center research community. The NGS facility performs all protocols necessary for preparing a sample to be sequenced on the Illumina HiSeq2000 system. We are also a research group with experience in customizing experiments and developing new applications. We provide:

  • Complete project consultation for optimal experimental design and setup
  • Super saver pricing for entire UT Health Science Center research community, especially research focusing on cancer genomics
  • Complete quality control analysis during library preparation and data generation
  • Secure website to download the sequencing data with quality information
  • Full project report
  • Bioinformatics analysis option available
  • NCBI GenBank submission option available

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If you are considering high throughput sequencing for your research, please contact Dr. Zhao Lai, Director of NGS Facility for consultation on experimental design, pricing and scheduling (