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Microarray Core Facility

The Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute Microarray Core Facility and Bioinformatics department serves the UT Health Science Center genomics community from the Greehey CCRI and provides technical advice in experimental design, the complexities of data analysis, training, and bioinformatics on a cost recovery basis.


Together, these Facilities produce, distribute and analyze DNA microarrays to provide clients with genetic biomarkers and functional annotation of differentially expressed genes. The facility was formally initiated in 2007 and utilizes the Agilent gene expression microarrays.

The Microarray Core Facility is operated as a full service facility and is therefore able to provide experimental handling and support for all aspects of the Agilent microarray platform. These services include evaluation of nucleic acid quality, labeling of samples with modified nucleotides (cy dyes), microarray hybridization, microarray scanning, feature extraction and annotation of scanned images. Agilent microarrays that are supported in the core facility offer a diverse set of tools for investigators that includes measuring gene and miRNA expression levels, DNA copy number profiling, location analysis of DNA binding proteins, and defining DNA methylation status. In addition to catalog microarrays that are available for these applications, the Agilent platform offers significant flexibility in the design and printing of customized microarrays.


If you are considering high throughput sequencing for your research, please contact Dr. Zhao Lai, Director of NGS Facility for consultation on experimental design, pricing and scheduling (