Becoming part of the solution


Cancer kills more children in America every year than any other disease. That fact alone is reason enough for searching for cures and better treatments for the cancers affecting children.

But there are more good reasons than that one for concentrating our efforts and philanthropic dollars on the search for the new knowledge that is needed. Children’s cancers arise in tissues that are easier to observe and analyze, and are a superb model for cancers that occur at all ages.

We believe that what is needed is a complete understanding of the cancer cell at a molecular level. What is more, we believe that this understanding, for the first time in human history, is actually possible.

There has been a fortunate conjunction of events that holds great promise for this historic search for answers.

The map of the human genome has given us an image of relative “normalcy” against which departures can be observed and measured.

Advances in technology allow scientists to peer inside the previously mysterious structures and processes of tumor cells and their components in ways never before possible.

Very few of us have escaped the experience of watching someone we love suffer from the disease we call cancer. You probably wanted answers at the time, and now, on behalf of the children who suffer from this disease, you can help pursue those answers by helping the Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute as it begins its work.

Your gift can make a difference in the recruiting of the best scientists to work on this problem, in purchasing the finest equipment, and in putting the two together. What is more, your gift will go directly to fund one of the labs, with every dime expended on research