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St. Baldrick's Foundation awards $50,000
grant to the Health Science Center

SAN ANTONIO (January 11, 2012) – It takes life-saving research and access to clinical trials to Conquer Kids’ Cancer! The St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a volunteer-driven charity dedicated to raising money for childhood cancer research, awarded an infrastructure grant of $50,000 to The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. The Foundation’s infrastructure grants provide institutions with resources to enable them to conduct more research and enroll more kids in ongoing clinical trials – their best hope for a cure.

Worldwide, more than 160,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year and it remains the leading cause of death by disease among children in the United States. With only 4 percent of all federal cancer research funding dedicated to pediatric cancer research, and more than 70 percent of children receiving treatment through clinical trials, St. Baldrick’s Foundation infrastructure grants are critical to finding cures for all childhood cancers.

“The St. Baldrick’s grant will help us enroll children on clinical trials in the San Antonio and South Texas Region,” said Dr. Gregory Aune, M.D., Ph.D., a pediatric oncologist in the School of Medicine at the UT Health Science Center and a researcher in the Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute there. “In partnership with CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital, the UT Health Science Center provides care for a population that is historically underrepresented in childhood cancer research studies. Continuing to build our research and clinical services will ultimately result in important findings that help our own pediatric cancer patients. We are grateful that organizations such as The St. Baldrick’s Foundation can support our local efforts through this much-needed financial support.”

The fall grants, combined with the more than $19.6 million awarded in June, bring the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s funding total to more than $21 million awarded in 2011. Infrastructure grants were awarded based on the need of the institution and its patients, anticipated results of the grant and local participation in St. Baldrick’s events.