Greehey CCRI Symposium 2009

Thursday, February 26th

7:30—10:00   Registration/Name Badge Distribution/Poster Check-In
Continental Breakfast (included with registration)

SESSION I—Genetics & Epidemiology:
Advances in genomic technology have led to increasing recognition of the role of predisposition in pediatric cancer. Ethnicity, family history and developmental anomalies work together to define cancer risks. Recent advances in the genetic background of childhood cancers will be presented in this session.

12:30—2:00   Lunch—Buffet included with registration fee

SESSION II—Animal Models, Genes & Pathways:
Fundamental properties of tumors, such as signaling pathways, cellular self-renewal and cell-microenvironment interactions, are being uncovered at a rapid rate using exciting approaches with genetic model organisms. Examples of these advances will be presented in this session.

4:30—6:00   Poster Viewing Session with Drinks & Appetizers  - included with registration fee

Friday, February 27th


Continental Breakfast - included with registration fee


SESSION III—Genomic Instability & DNA Repair:
The maintenance of genomic stability following DNA damage by DNA surveillance and repair mechanism is essential for cellular and organismal health. When these cellular defense mechanisms are absent, genomic instability and cancer predisposition are frequently observed. Further, considering that many cancers are treated by radiation and chemotherapeutics that are DNA damaging agents, understanding how the normal or cancer cell responds is of clinical relevance. By studying these processes we will develop novel insights into cancer etiology and progress towards better, more targeted therapies.

10:30—10:45   Break
10:45—12:15   SESSION IV— Six 15-Minute Talks -to be announced

Lunch—Buffet included with registration fee


SESSION V—Disease Models & Pre-clinical Studies:
Carefully-designed xenograft and genetically-modified animal models now reveal interesting drug targets and give insight into mechanisms of therapeutic efficacy and resistance. By integrating basic science, in vivo studies and the NCI Pediatric Pre-Clinical Testing Program, the development of novel treatment regimens can now be accelerated.

4:3o   Wrap-up & Adjourn